Model: 9.1 - 125 Watt
Model: 9.1 - 125 Watt

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Model: 9.1 - 125 Watt

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125 Watt Fluid Heater
Pad Size: 6 in. x 1.5 in.
Engine Oil
Hydraulic Fluid
3 - 6 quarts
3 - 6 litres
Up to 5 gallons
Up to 19 litres
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This product is not CSA approved and is not available for sale in Canada


To purchase, visit Phillips & Temro.
Dealers, call 1-800-328-6108.

Model 9.1 can also be used for all items below where the oil pan configuration will not accommodate Model 9.

How much time do you spend warming up your vehicles or equipment when its cold outside? Wolverine Heaters are the best way to ensure cold starts are over. Wolverine Heaters also virtually eliminate start up smoke and harmful emissions while reducing fuel usage and equipment wear.

Model 9.1 is the perfect solution for heating motor oil, hydraulic fluids, fuel tanks and biodiesel. Great for most 4 - 6 cylinder cars, trucks, 4 cylinder tractors and vehicles or equipment that have an oil capacity of 3 - 6 U.S. quarts. (2.85 - 5.7 liters) or hydraulic fluid up to 5 gallons (up to 19 liters).

Stop wasting your time and fuel to start your vehicles. Environmentally friendly Wolverine Heaters provide improved cranking ability and performance in the most frigid weather.Heat the oil, transmission and the battery for best results.

Made in the USA - 2 Year Warranty - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Common Uses:

  • Small Cars/Pickups
  • SUV’s
  • 4 and 6 Cylinder Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Fuel Tanks (Diesel)
  • Hydraulic & Heating Oil Tanks
  • Small Tractors