Model: BH-60CSACE - Battery Heater

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Model: BH-60CSACE - Battery Heater

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60 Watt Battery Heater
Pad Size: 21.59 cm. x 13.97 cm.
Suitable for all cars and trucks
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Dealers, call 1-800-328-6108.

Does your vehicle start easily in cold weather? It is not just the oil, frigid weather affects your vehicle battery too. Cold temperatures dramatically reduces the effectiveness of the chemical reactions within the battery, while increasing the battery’s internal resistance. Both of these factors cause a reduction in cranking power as the temperature drops.

Batteries left in a discharged state can freeze and cause damage in cold temperatures.The battery heater sits under the battery and when used along with oil and transmission heaters, you will ensure your vehicle is ready to go when you are.

Save time, money, frustration while extending the life of your battery.

Made in USA - 2 Year Warranty - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee